CLEINT AGREEMENTS: By making a reservation you are agreeing to abide by all of Goode Coach Limousine's policies as set forth in the "Company Policies section of our website ""


RESERVATIONS:$200 non-refundable down payment is REQUIRED to process your reservation.


CANCELLATIONS: NO REFUNDS are given for cancellations.If you cancel within 7 days of your scheduled service you are responsible for the remaining balance in the event that vehicle does not get another reservation during that time slot. Callcellations may be re-scheduled for furture trips for $50.00 administration fee,7 DAYS notice is REQUIRED for re-scheduling.


CANCELLATIONS: by Goode Coach Limousine for any reason will be credited for future reservations.


SUBSTITUTION: Goode Coach Limousine reserves the right to subcontract the cpmplete or remaining portion of any trip to an alternate carrier or substitute vehicles to complete the job


BILLING: Your time starts at the arranged pick-up time at the first location and ends a the final drop-off when the vehicle is released by the client. Overtime charges will stop at this time.


OVERTIME BILLING: Overtime charges for services will be billed on the same credit card used for deposit and payment unless they are paid in cash. Please plan your event so that the final drop-off point falls within your reserved time.


OVERTIME: On a daytime run, there may be an evening run preventing you from using a vehicle past the scheduled time. Determine this ahead of time and plan accordingly. On an evening run overtime os not usually a problem.


DAMAGE OR THEFT: The client is responsible for all guest damages and items stolen from Goode Coach Limousine. For all damages,missing or items the client will be charged for replacement materials at coast plus an $85 per hour labor,and any lost revenue during the down time. No shoes are allowed on the seats,walls,countertops or ceiling.


BIO HAZARD OR BODILY FUID CLEAN-UP: Is an automatic $350.00 charge per incident,NO EXCEPTIONS this charge WILL be billed to the credit card on file. Professional cleaning and/or carpet replacement is very expensive.


SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED: In ANY of our vehicles. Smoking in our vehicle is $350.00 fee and dismissal from the vehicle with NO REFUND.


SEATING: Seating is essential at all times while in motion.Goode Coach Limousine

is not responsible for injuries to guests who are standing up in the vehicle while moving.


UNFAVORABLE CONDITIONS: Do not ask the driver to drive the car on muddy roads,torn up roads or go up steep driveways.IF the driver gets any tickets of any kind due to your intructions ,the client is responsible for the charges.


YOUR EVENT BEING CANCELED EARLY: It is in the sole judgment of the chauffeur,if they determine that the behavior of you and your guests for any reason is out of control ,obnoxious,disrespectful,unsafe,illegal or irresponsible,or places lives and property in jeopardt, they can and will terminate the run on the spot. The chauffeur may or may not issue a WARNING before taking this action. If this happens,you will NOT RECEIVE A REFUND.


DELAY'S: Goode Coach Limousine will not be held liable for delays due to weather,road,traffic or mechanical conditions,driver illiness or any other conditions beyond our control. Goode Coach Limousine will also not responsible for  lodging or food cost due to delays. If you are  on a time schedule please reserve your vehicle accordingly. Your chauffeur will not "speed" to your event or the next stop. Our chauffeurs will only go as fast as the speed linits allow.


ALCOHOL: No alcoholic beverages are served by Goode Coach Limousine or it empolyees. Goode Coach Limousine  will not be liable for passengers who have consumed alcohol prior to ,on board ,or after the trip is completed.


CONTRABAND: Goode Coach Limousine will refuse to transport anyone in possession of a weapon or illegal substance. Authorities will be contacted .Possession or use of illegal drugs by anyone in the vehicle is prohibited.

LOST ITEMS: We accept absolutely no liability for anything left behind,lost or missing or damaged. Its your responsibility  to make sure you dont leave anything behind.

PARKING ARRANGEMENTS: IF you want the vehicle to park at a particular place at your event,its your responsibility to make arrangements. Should there be any cost for parking its your responsiblity to cover the cost.

DUI: The person making the reservation is responsible for making arrangements so that no one in your party is put in a position of driving under the influence.